5 things to know about Amobinet

1/ Profit sharing platform

Amobinet is an affiliate marketing network, which is mounted between the product supplier (business, supply chain) and the publisher. We're going to go promote the product operation is co-operate with businesses through a network of Amobinet, from which commissions shared on each order.

Active form features to make money with Amobinet is current CPO (Cost Per Order), this form makes it easy to be more profitable because you will be charged a Commission on your account as soon as the customer agreed to purchase (other than the normal forms you will receive a Commission as soon as the purchase order).

That is, just after you drag the traffic potential on the order page, customers to purchase information including name and phone number, telesales from providers will call the contact and at this time when customers agree to buy , this was viewed as a successful transaction and you will be as commissions if people click on the link it as much. For network marketing, no matter how much money you earn from a product, the total number of people you reach exactly the amount you get. The network of the greater, the more benefits.

2/ Tokenomics and Value Marchanics

Amobinet utility tokens will form an integral part of how the system functions and scales. The value of the Amobinet utility tokens will increase in relation to the demand for it. Tokens of Amobinet will be used to pay for:

+Shorten Link

+Watching Video

+Exchange traffic

How will Amobinet tokens increase in value?

3/ Why we need KYC?

KYC is a manual process included physical verification of a scanned document. This is very important because it ensures that the client and information provided by them is real. This is a mandatory process to identify and verify customers around the world. The aim of KYC is not to annoy the customer with bureaucracy and paperwork, but to prevent identity theft, money laundering, terrorist financing, and financial fraud. A KYC check allows a company to better know their customer and manage risks accordingly. KYC has always required proof of identity (POI), proof of address (POA) and other relevant information to verify. However, the practical steps included in the process may vary. If you refuse to provide any of the requested documents, you will not be able to buy, sell, or electronic money transactions with exchange. You must follow if you want to buy Crypto legally. The most important document for filing is proof of identity and proof of address.

The following documents are commonly accepted as proof of identity:

The Passport; Driving license; Identity card

When it comes to proof of address, the documents can be submitted as follows:

For example, phone bills, electric bills, gas bills; Bank account statement have confirm signatures;..

Updated KYC also includes monitoring the transactions of customers, this is an essential element of the KYC policies. Why is it done? To be able to distinguish between the normal customer behavior and suspicious in the financial sector, this behavior should be analyzed first. It is made better through monitoring of transactions.

4/ How Amobinet works?

People join facebook, twitter, ... can now easily earn money on 3 of our platforms including, shorten links, video sharing and traffic exchange. With user-friendly interface, easy registration and use, you can cut the maximum time wasted by yourself, using the tools that you commonly use as a useful tool to make money with simple operation most.

Revenues to pay for the daily tasks that users perform derived from advertisers and enterprises. To gain popularity in the market or the company brand awareness, these units accept spend an amount sufficient to pay for promotional activities, namely Amobinet proposed form. Thus, Amobinet just control unit and system maintenance and help businesses reach consumers better. The payment for your operation is fully automated through the system and are not controlled by the individual to ensure safety. Each of your actions to the amount that you get, this is the default bonus for the length of the video or the link that you shortened the day. For example, you have a shortened 1000 links and watch over 170 videos

5/ Fast Deposit and Fast Withdraw Policy

Fast Deposit: Amobinet's mechanism allows you to deposit at a rapid rate.

Fast Withdraw: Unlike other systems that take hours or even days that you can successfully execute the withdrawal. But with amobinet’s system your withdrawal order will be approved by the system immediately.