Trends of Digital Marketing in 2019


Searching on Google is still a strength and also the work that most bloggers are concentrating on (or concentrating on). Because they are (bloggers) mostly "typists" so some part of us are present on Google's search results. (Text content is still the most favored)

Of course, if you are merely writing, it is the usual SEO as we have in the past few years, maybe this is not enough for 2019. Somewhere in 2019 we have occasionally heard the phrase "voice search".

So if you are a blogger, do you own a fanpage, a profile account on Facebook, the optimization of content, attention to SEO on Facebook will certainly not be ignored.

In summary, this trend is gradually returning SEO to basic and sustainable value. SEO is still a solution and the most sustainable strategy that bloggers can do if they do well has a lot of opportunities and lots of potential.

However, the roots are still "content", the content here needs to be intensive, need to "quality", need to be more valuable, automatically everything related to SEO to Google Search will be released.


As a blogger, Affiliate Marketing is almost the main source of life. So this is also a blessing when Affiliate Marketing trend is expected to continue to grow in 2019 and boom in the following years.

The existing Affiliate Network market is the place that will continue to attract Publisher & Advertiser. Certainly in the coming years, the new Affiliate Network will be born less, but the Affiliate Program will appear more because businesses are well aware of the importance of affiliate marketing.

Publisher (mostly bloggers) has also been purged, they have also realized what is the way to make the most sustainable and long-term affiliate marketing. Many Publisher have no passion, no love and no good thinking have left to leave ... the place for "true" affiliate marketers.

Users (also known as the most important people in affiliate marketing) also understand more about this market. They have more active clicks, they know what value, they know exactly that affiliate link but their click is more active and knowledgeable than before. In short, the more they understand about affiliate marketing, we don't need to hide and can actively make affiliate marketing more relevant.


Micro-Influencers often have several thousand and not celebrities, but have expertise in certain areas. Most of their followers have met or talked in real life. Different from celebrities, small influencers often share very real, very close feelings or personal opinions around a theme throughout a long time.

Bloggers play a very good role and are Micro-Influencers! They are more connected and more interactive, more focused and since then the rate of interaction will naturally be higher.

So if you are a blogger you will probably need to pay attention to this Micro-Influenza trend by being more concerned with the more content and interactive strategy on your blog, on your social networking profile.

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