Ways to make money online in 2019

1/ Make money with Crypto trading.

Recent crypto currency is one of the fastest ways to make money. You can x2, x3 your property in just one night. The crypto currency has rained in the whole year of 2017 and only started to cool down recently.

But not all of it is sweet, you have recently seen countless articles about virtual currency, crypto currency falling by the price of many people emptying or losing most of their assets in a short time. At the same time, this is also the place where countless scam cases have appeared for novice occupiers. So you need to be really alert.

2/ Make money through Google Adsense

You can also use Google Adsense as an effective online money channel. Your job is to create a website, maintain it and create a stable traffic. From there you can register with google and start receiving money from google ads.

However, the value of traffic from Vietnam is not really high. Google Adsense income is often quite low unless your website has a large amount of traffic, so many people making MMO have gradually switched to affiliate marketing banner to have higher income.

3/ Selling online on Facebook:

With the strong development of e-commerce. This makes it very convenient for each of us to start our business. The advantage of selling online is that you will save a lot of cost of premises, staff, service ....

With Facebook's main platform, you can start an online business right on your own Facebook account. If you invest more, you can set up Fanpage and run ads. Online sales, in particular, Facebook has created a multitude of billionaires in Vietnam. It will certainly still be the trend in the near future

4/ Make money by selling on Amazon, Ebay

One of the recent trends of MMO is selling on Amazon, Ebay ... Of course, earning money from foreign countries will bring small revenue. There is no shortage of examples of individuals in the sales community on Amazon, Dropship, earning millions of dollars every month.

5/ Freelancer:

Freelancers are people who work for other people (individuals, companies) without any constraint on working time every day, as long as they complete the work on time, as well as without commitment. work long term. Making money Freelancer is a very familiar job for many people, even many of you have been doing it every day. Estimating 2019, freelance jobs are still growing rapidly.