What is a Amobinet?


Social Media is understood as "media society" is a tool that combines the technology and the power of words to help promote the brand image of a business on the internet market with low-cost in which superior performance. According to the recent research data, in the quarter of 2018, the number of people using the internet around the world has increased by 276 million. Thereby bringing the total number of internet users worldwide as of first quarter/2018 reached 4.087 billion. They also said also said there are about 5.061 billion people using mobile devices. With the giant numbers on the also completely understandable given the current worldwide have 3.297 billion people use social networks. The numbers on the symbol for the need of social media in our daily lives. We are the individuals using the Add-ons on with the simple purpose. Have you ever thought how much time you spend every day while using social media? Hundreds of hours wasted on scrolling photos, videos, sending messages and ... watching the ads which generate revenue for everyone else, except you. It's time to change it! The fundamental constituent of Social Media is the network of social media popularity rate highest operating current as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google + ... But the majority of us only use this medium as a way pure entertainment and barely able to optimize the entertainment purposes on monetization tools become useful.

Amobinet experiences

Amobinet gives the Marketer the voices and how to communicate with customers and potential customers. Personalized brand is helping businesses to convey the message to customers through content moving to the heart. Marketers view the Social Media strategy as a part of life, whether it is a vital element of the business, always take care and pay attention to all activities taking place on the social media network. This is also the common goal of Amobinet want to bring to global users in the thinking and Outlook of people using the internet in General and the use of media such as facebook ,.. in particular. Amobinet is an investment group operating in the field of communication technology. With the key activities in digital marketing, we will open a revolution in the advertising industry. Our vision is to create a unique platform that fits in the trend of global sharing economy. People join facebook, twitter, ... can now easily earn money on 3 of our platforms including, shorten links, video sharing and traffic exchange. With user-friendly interface, easy registration and use, you can cut the maximum time wasted by yourself, using the tools that you commonly use as a useful tool to make money with simple operation most.


Amobinet created the space open to all those who are involved and use the internet worldwide. The aim towards the diversification and optimisation of ways in marketing between individuals are trading, awareness of the brands and trademarks, enterprises in the local scale, as well as the world. Use social media networks to help businesses connect with businesses in other sectors together, learning and mutual understanding, and that analyzed the competition and give the media strategy for their business efficiently. A way of communication between customers and businesses, as business tools to answer the queries of customers and satisfy them.


• Promote your business or product has high popularity through 3 major platforms we put out.

• Brings the opportunity to reach thousands of people without much effort.

• Provide you with feedback about the possibilities you have.

• Established an effective communication channel between you and your customers.

• Gives you a fair playing field shows your true spirit and skills that you have.

• Easy management of costs and how to use your own tools.

• Job and your income grow exponentially.