Lately, Facebook has unexpectedly changed the process coming up with advertising accounts for some regions. Actually, this process is a lethal tragedy to you and are applied in accessing the account by hand and come up with a huge number of accounts. This change has not been accomplished. However, it has been announced on the Facebook page implying that it will be implemented very soon.

How to create Facebook advertising accounts.

a. Preparation:

- Create a Business Manager (BM) Account.

- Get a Business License given by government agencies. Normally, this is needed by Facebook.

- You will require a Fan page company on Facebook, applications, and websites of the company own. Remember that the site has to be thoroughly built and is running.

- You need to verify that the Facebook page, applications, and websites of the company you own comply with the advertising policy by Facebook.

- If you are an agency (Agency) and need an advertising account in place of an advertiser, you will have to give the Facebook apps, page, websites and the necessary details of the advertiser. Further, you will need to have approval from the advertiser to ask for the advertising account.

b. Request for the advertising account.

The following are the steps you should follow to ask for an advertising account:

- First, Log into the Account Business Manager.

- Proceed to the left-hand pane and Click the Business Manager.

- In the Settings segment, simply click Install now.

- In the left menu, you will need to click the ad account status.

- Click the Add button then fill out the entries in the Details part advertisers.

- (In case you need multiple advertising accounts, state your purpose in the Additional Comments.)

- Click Continue and fill the areas in the ad account details.

- (Remember that all apps, pages and websites have to match the brand, name and content. Please remember that you will only be permitted to promote the items you sent here.)

- Click Next procedure and proceed to review the data you have inserted in applications to create the advertising account. Ensure all the details are correct and complete. (You may want to make some changes to your information by clicking Back. If you are done, go ahead and click Request advertising account.

After this, a unique ID will be allocated to you once the request for your account is sent successfully. This will be used to monitor the state of your request. Another point to note is that if your account has been validated, you will just be permitted to promote the particular objects sent in your request. Otherwise, should you advertise any application, page, or any other site, you may be disabled and you will not be able to advertise again.

c. Review the status of the ad request for your advertising account.

- Log in to your Account Business Manager.

- On the left menu, click the Account Status ads.

- Choose the wanted advertising account you need to check.

- Your account should display 'Pending' after requesting your advertising account. Your account will be reviewed and you will get feedback regarding your request within 3 business days. At the time of the review, your status will be labeled as 'Pending'.

Note, the deadline for the current terms is each day at 4pm, hours Indochina. Applications presented after this time will be deemed to be sent the following day.

When the review request is completed, you will see the following status updates:

    - Approved: Your Advertising account is ready and you can run ads.

    Note: If your request comprising the information is incorrect or incomplete, it will be returned and you will be requested to make the necessary amendments. You will have 7 working days to complete the changes and present them for your advertising account to be considered a second.

   Again, each advertising account will only one opportunity to make some changes as it is reviewed.

    - Not approved: The request submitted does not meet the assessment. Here, you can appeal your application to the Customer Support group of Facebook.

d. The Frequently Asked Questions regarding the account requests.

I have restricted account ads?

Essentially, you need to request an account number meeting their needs. You may be denied your request if it is discovered that your account contains a lot of abnormalities

If I don't have a formal website, then how should I replace?

You can give one site held by the firm for you to replace.

My account has lapsed/expired?

In case your account becomes inactive for a period of 60 days, it will be cancelled.

Consequently, it cannot be reactivated again. Breaches of the advertising policy will too prevent or make your account disabled.